Carlos’ Garden

Note. In February, Carlos and his Parents asked if I would help Carlos plant a Spring Vegetable Garden. In late Spring, we planted peas and built a pyramid of bamboo. You can follow the links back by clicking [here]. Next year, Carlos is in the fifth grade.

CG1_0906In three days, school is out. A tribute to the fortitude of parents and teachers. In Carlos’ Garden, there is no small anticipation. Moments slip into the future. Carlos has learned to make a list. And follow it. It is not as easy as it seems. Try it.

Helping others work peacefully is a good goal, too. Peaceful paths prevent conflict. In our apartments, there is a lot of yelling out of windows. This leads to conflict. We are learning new ways to communicate without window yelling.

IMG_0375Above. Carlos’ vegetable garden looks fantastic. No weeds. Wonderful carrots.

CG3_0906Carlos finished watering on his own. Another first for the Season. He has successfully planted and tended a Spring Garden. He continues harvesting. He planted a shade garden around the tree in his yard where only weeds grew.

CG4_0906Carlos has successfully interplanted his Spring Garden with Summer Vegetables. Left, his first peppers. Also planted are tomatoes. In the lower right corner, strawberries ripening. In the background, chard has not yet bolted.

CG5_0906Carlos has helped our neighbors plant flowers and vegetables. And last week we planted a half barrel window garden with a gardenia and jasmine for a neighbor on bed rest. Carlos and I have both learned new ways that plants help us live peaceably. Right, roses and jasmine bloom in a window garden.

Last week we planted his front yard with specimen shade plants in a barrel. Ferns and succulents are planted along his entry, below.

CG6_0906I pointed out to Carlos the plants and flowers everywhere, for which he cares weekly. I told him, “I knew you could do it, but I didn’t know if you would.” Next week graduation. Summer arrives.